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Location of aircraft for sale or rent that fits the taste of the end user and meets the requirements of the missions.

Promotion of aircraft for sale or rent.

Coordination of maintenance or pre purchase inspections.

Verification and development of required documentation including, but not limited to:
-Purchase / sale agreements.
-Lease agreements.
-Operation contracts.
-Development of manuals for RVSM manuals and other airspaces.

Verification of liens by the FAA and the IR.

We coordinate meetings with financial institutions to help secure financing.

Location, hiring and training of pilots, mechanics, flight attendants or other personnel required by you.

We have agreements with Companies in the US to create the trust required to maintain the aircraft registered in the United States.

We have agreements with escrow agents, near the FAA offices so the transfer of the aircraft and the funding happens simultaneously.

Manage your aircraft finding the best fuel prices, permits required for different airspaces, coordinate arrivals and departures at different airports trying to get slots at the requested hours, we process flight plans, develop general declarations, supervise and verify that the aircraft is operating to the highest standards so it operates safe and keeps the value as high as possible, among many other services.

We help you find the required insurance at competitive prices making sure not only the required coverages and limits by the financial institution and the owner are met, but also with the different air spaces and government regulations.

Tax planning.